JPMorgan Chase: $99 Billion Mysteriously Withdrawn from User’s Account!

• A Reddit user reported a massive withdrawal of $99 billion from their JPMorgan Chase checking account.
• Attempts to contact customer service for an explanation have failed and the account has frozen.
• This isn’t the first time that JPMC has had an issue with large-scale withdrawals from accounts.

Massive Withdrawal From JPMorgan Chase Account

A Reddit user recently reported a massive withdrawal of over $99 billion dollars from their JPMorgan Chase checking account. The automatic withdrawal caused the account to freeze, and all attempts to contact customer support for an explanation have been unsuccessful.

Previous Issues with Large Withdrawals

This isn’t the first time that JPMorgan Chase has encountered issues with large scale withdrawals from accounts. In April 2016, a woman in Chicago saw $99 billion withdrawn from her deceased mother’s bank account without warning; while in February 2020, a woman in Texas discovered that her shared account with her late husband was overdrawn by more than $99 billion as well. When contacted about these incidents, Chase representatives said that they routinely place massive debt on accounts held by people who have passed away to protect against unauthorized withdrawals.

Viral Response and Reactions

The news of this incident quickly went viral after it was posted on Reddit and spread across various social media platforms. Many users speculated as to why this may have happened with some suggesting it could be due to money laundering activities or simply negligence on behalf of the bank. Whatever the reason may be, many people voiced their frustration at being unable to receive any sort of explanation or help from customer service representatives.

Potential Solutions

Many users suggested switching banks altogether should this situation not get resolved soon as they are unhappy with how JPMorgan Chase handled it so far. However, if someone wants to stay put then contacting other financial institutions could be beneficial as they may provide better assistance and support when dealing with such issues compared to major banks like JPMC.


In conclusion, this incident highlights how important it is for customers to be aware of their banking activity and take proactive steps if something seems off or out of place in order to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.