10,000 Unique Tulips Up for Grabs: Get Yours Now with LAND Token!

• has launched a collection of 10,000 unique tulip NFTs that will be minted over a period of seven years.
• The Tulip NFTs consist of six components and are distributed to LAND token holders using a lottery system.
• LAND tokens can be acquired for free via an airdrop at, while they can also be purchased on Uniswap. Launches Collection of 10,000 Unique Tulips has recently announced the launch of a collection of 10,000 unique tulips in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These special tulips will be minted daily over the course of seven years until the goal is reached.

Components and Distribution

Each Tulip NFT consists of six different components, ranging from common to exclusive – making them more or less rare depending on their ‘quality’. New tulips cannot be purchased directly – instead, they are only distributed to those who hold and stake LAND tokens via a lottery system; with staking higher amounts increasing one’s chances of acquiring a new tulip each day.

Airdrop & Uniswap

Ethereum address holders have an opportunity to claim their free LAND tokens by participating in the ongoing airdrop at; however, those ineligible for this process can still purchase LAND tokens via Uniswap in order to increase their chances at winning a new tulip NFT each day.

About Tulipart

Tulipart is based in Zug, Switzerland – popularly known as one of the most important hubs for blockchain technology around the world today. As such it forms part of an innovative platform which fosters creativity within both cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Token landscapes alike; providing users with access to these unique digital assets as well as tools and resources to help them make informed decisions when investing or trading within these fields.

Contact Details

For further enquiries please contact Giorgio Minguzzi at