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HYDROcontest - 23 to 27 july 2014

13 teams from all over the world have already registered for the first environmentally responsible student competition.


L’Hydroptère.ch has been optimized in preparation for the 2012 season with a new bow and a lower center of gravity.


L’HYDROptère.ch holds the 3 records on Lake Geneva: One-Hour, One-Kilometer, Blue Ribbon

Litlle Cup 27th

At the conclusion of the 26th edition of the Little Cup, Hydros was given the task of organizing the Class C World Championships. Registration is now open.

Blue Ribbon

l'Hydroptère.ch beats the Blue Ribbon Record : 4 hours 45 minutes for the legendary Lake Geneva record

Little Cup 27th

Come along in a year and a half’s time to discover state-of-the-art boats skippered by the best international crews.

Diaporama Diaporama


Hong Kong


Falmouth & Morges

Petite America’s Cup

Rio de Janeiro


United Arab Emirates


St.-Tropez & Lac Léman


Le 01 • 04 • 2014

An intense 170 days

Four months before students from around the world are due to present their HYDROcontest submissions in Lausanne, Hydros paid a visit to the ENSTA ParisTech team in Palaiseau, on the outskirts of Paris.

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Le 26 • 03 • 2014

End of the winter break...

Yesterday marked the end of the "winter break" for one of Swiss company Hydros' three boats.

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Le 17 • 03 • 2014

North TPT wins award at JEC Europe following collaboration with Hydros

North TPT was presented with an innovation award at the composites show, JEC Europe, yesterday for its daring and innovative development, particularly the introduction of its new carbon manufacturing process in the construction of Class C Hydrofoils.

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Le 13 • 02 • 2014

HydroContest: anticipated success for the first student competition for environmental responsability launched

Make transport faster while consuming less energy”, Hydros's slogan for the student competition is clear. The HYDROcontest has already won twelve schools of engineering and architecture around the world, as much for the technological challenge that it represents as for the values it conveys.

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Le 04 • 12 • 2013

Hydros to exhibit flying boat at the Paris Boatshow

The Swiss company Hydros has been working on flying boats for several years now. In 2013 the public admired the exceptional performance put in by catamarans in the America's Cup. Last September, at the Little Cup in Falmouth, the new C Class vessels from Hydros flew at more than three times the speed of the wind. The revolution is under way. The young company has turned its face to the future and is not planning on stopping now. The naval engineers in the Hydros team will be at the Paris International Boatshow from 6 December, showing off one of their flying racers and presenting their plans for the coming seasons.

Hydros will have a stand at the Paris Boat Show from 6 December: stand L30, Hall 1

The Swiss firm will be showing a C Class catamaran that flies at more than three times the speed of the wind

They will be presenting their plans for the future: the HYDROcontest and the LITTLE CUP

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Le 25 • 10 • 2013

Six teams sign up for HYDROcontest

HYDROcontest, the competition organized by Hydros for all science students, is setting sail. The challenge posed – to build the fastest boat that consumes the least energy – has already convinced six schools, three of them Swiss and three French, to participate and drawn the attention of many others. "Our goal is to have ten teams signed up for the first year of this competition," explains Angélique Mendes, head of HYDROcontest at the company Hydros. "The project is designed to stretch across two semesters, but it's also doable in one. That's why we're continuing to accept registrations until February."

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Le 25 • 09 • 2013

Team Hydros Qualified for the Final of the International C-Class Catamaran Championship

From tomorrow onwards (Thursday), the Hydros catamaran sailed by Jérémie Lagarrigue and Billy Besson will start the final stage of the world championship, in match race, against Franck Cammas on Groupama.The second team representing Switzerland (Mischa Heemskerk and Bastiaan Tentij) will continue racing in fleet to try to get the third place of the podium.

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Le 24 • 09 • 2013

Two Hydros Boats in the Top 5 at the Little Cup

The World Championship of C-Class – catamarans with wingsails and foils- currently happening in Falmouth (U.K.) has so far been a success for the Swiss team Hydros. Its two crews are sailing in the top 5, in spite of the breakage of yesterday which occurred when SUI II (Heemskerk-Tentij) capsized but could be repaired overnight thanks to the work and energy of the entire Team Hydros. Besson/Lagarrigue kept their second place whereas Heemskerk/Tentij are now ranked number 4. 

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Le 24 • 09 • 2013

Mixed start for Hydros

International C-Class Catamaran World Championship - Day 2

The two Hydros crews representing Switzerland during the C-Class World Championship - technological lab welcoming some of the most famous international sailors -were finally able to race in Falmouth (U.K.). After a first day cancelled due to fog and capricious winds, the sailors could finally do the first races of the Little Cup next to the Restronguet Sailing Club today.

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Le 23 • 09 • 2013

C-Class World Championship: Mischa Heemskerk impatient to fight

Mischa Heemskerk, a 39-year-old sailor from Holland, will represent Switzerland with his co-sailor Bastiaan Tentij and a second Swiss crew - Jérémie Lagarrigue and Billy Besson - during the C-Class World Championship. They have been training for this race in La Grande Motte since the beginning of the year, and in Falmouth for a month. “We settled here with the entire Team Hydros”, explains the skipper who was world champion of A-Class in 2012. “On land and on water, we are doing our utmost to be ready for the D-Day with the little time we have. It is amazing to work with these guys who all have the same goal: taking both Hydros C-Class catamarans to the final race! ”

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