The first trucks and containers carrier multihulls

In collaboration with VATON Design: Imagine and design the future of marine transportation

The new generation of high speed boat turns towards freight transport. The BGV125 and BGV242 cargo multihull's performance have been validated with CFD studies and optimized thanks to our engineers' expertise. 



  • Stability
  • Safety
  • Speed

" Regular and fast journeys competing with air traffic "

The BGV brings shipping into the high speed age.




  • Faster
    than ever




By means of CFD studies on the hulls of these cargo multihulls, Hydros Innovation validates innovative concepts and provides solutions to improve hydrodynamic perfomance.

These high speed ships will be able to safely carry more than 300 trucks at 70 km/h under any weather conditions.

High speed boats patents are already available in many configurations: ferryboat, cargo vessel, warship and yacht.