HY-X, the prototype of a revolution

All the expertise of Hydros and its partners concentrated in the first efficient hybrid yacht in history.

Thanks to its retractable foils, this hybrid motor boat is comfortable under any conditions. At low speed in marinas or flying one meter above water, the HY-X provides its passengers with a unique experience.



  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Performance

" The HY41 yacht makes no concessions "

Drawing on innovations and lessons learned with the HY-X prototype, this yacht - intended for commercialization - is much more than a revolution: it's a way of life. 






    Designed with
    our simulator

  • Reduced consumption







    A major project

The HY-Xis the first yacht in the world to benefit from this revolutionary tool trough the entire design process. Global design, foils position, effort computation, the simulator has played a key role during all the stages of the project.

Consumption reduced by 30%, performances outdoing those of traditional boats with a smaller engine, the HY-X embodies Hydros' expertise in energy efficiency.

Fruit of an intense collaboration with the naval architectural firm VPLP and the HDS and JMKoncept companies, the HY-X symbolizes Hydros' know-how in the management of large-scale projects.