Hydrocontest – Incubating the boats of tomorrow

Flagship event of the Hydros Foundation, the Hydrocontest is the first international competition devoted to nautical and maritime energy efficiency.

The contest, which invites participants to design and build boat prototypes that are as efficient as possible, calls for thinking in terms of industrial applications and encourages innovation in imagining the boats of the future.

As a unique international platform dedicated to these specific challenges, the Hydrocontest is a true incubator of talents and technological innovation which is growing, edition after edition. Through this programme, the Hydros Foundation wishes to help the most promising projects see the light of day within a few years.

After several months of preparation, all registered teams meet up during a one-week event to race their prototypes and discuss techniques and ideas, allowing the entire Hydrocontest community to leverage this unique technological and human experience.

A unique gentlemen's agreement

The C CLASS has always promoted a pioneering and avant-garde spirit in terms of innovation, and focuses on the value of sharing experiences and know-how.

littlecup EN

The Hydros Foundation organised the 27th Little Cup in September 2015 in Geneva - the first of the 3 editions put in the hands of the Foundation by the C Class and its President Steve Clark. The 28th edition will be held in 2017 and hosted by a new club to be revealed in the upcoming months. 

Innovation Lab


The LITTLE CUP has been bringing together outstanding sailors, top-notch engineers and cutting-edge technology since 1961 and has become a true innovation laboratory in sailing and for the America’s Cup in particular.