A new era for Hydros Innovation

Hydros Innovation, created ten years ago thanks to Thierry Lombard, is about to begin a new adventure in aggregating the ENATA Industries group.

Started as an ambitious sports project in the nautical world, the design office is currently at the forefront of its field. For the ENATA Industries Group, buyer of the Lausanne business, this merger brings a strategic value to its Marine and Aerospace subsidiaries, and accelerates its arrival on new markets.

From dream to reality

The adventure of the Swiss start-up began in 2005 by the rescue of the Hydroptère project, stalled at this time; and the pursuit of a dream, breaking the world speed sailing record. Thierry Lombard took the project under his wing and will give to it, beyond the financial support, a genuine scientific dimension. This will result in the establishment of a branch at the EPFL, and the establishment of a research center of leading sailors engineers. In November 8, 2009, after years of intensive research, failures and several back and forth by the Decision shipyard, the foiling trimaran crossed the mythical 50 knots speed and is recognised as the fastest sail in the world.

Beyond the outstanding athletic performance, it's the applied research and the transmission to everyone the private banker is looking for. Consequently, the pace of projects is accelerating, with the construction of the laboratory boat Hydros.ch, the C Class catamarans, capable of traveling at three times the speed of the wind, and the development of an advanced hydrodynamics simulation software. Gradually the sports team moves into a real business and distills his expertise in aero and hydrodynamics into the America's Cup.


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Development and growth

Alongside its consulting activities, the Lausanne company develops internally of innovative new products, like the HY-X prototype first flying yacht, hybrid and efficient. Thought to be the spearhead of green yachting, this foiler engine that displays 30% of consumption gains, sparked the deepest desire of cooperation from the industrial sector.

Thus, like any startup that succeeds and reaches a certain critical size, Hydros is eyed by larger companies, including the Dubai-based company ENATA Industries.

Founded by the French entrepreneur Sylvain Vieujot, the group, which recently completed the construction of a cutting-edge shipyard specialized in composite construction, is continuing its vertical consolidation with the acquisition of the Helvetian design office.

Far from an aggressive takeover bid, this well thought operation will allow the Swiss company know-how to spread internationally and maintain its identity and its engineers. Besides its missions for the Marine division, the research department will carry on its consulting activities and will have a transversal role within the various subsidiaries of the ENATA group, also active in the aerospace and architecture. The creative combination of the two entities will include launching the Foiler 41, flying yacht issued from the research conducted on the HY-X project.

On its side, the Hydros Foundation, whose mission is to support technological innovation to meet the energy and environmental challenges of nautical and maritime industries, will continue its activities in Switzerland under the leadership of Thierry Lombard. Besides its international competition Hydrocontest, a true incubator of ideas and talents worldwide, the Foundation will support research and development activities based on two innovative new class sailing projects.



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