Hydros Foundation invited at the 2016 Bosphorus Cup


Hydros Foundation is pleased to announce its presence at the Bosphorus Cup 2016 in Istanbul. The record breaking catamaran will sail for the first time in Turkey.

For this 15th edition, the organizers and their main sponsor, Turkcell decided to invite Hydros to promote energy efficiency. Our hydrofoil catamaran, the Hydros.ch, will put up a show by navigating around the competition set as a demonstration for the public.


The Bosphorus Cup is a major sporting event in Istanbul. This year’s edition will take place from 26 to 29 May 2016. Participants will come from Turkey, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia and Italy.




Around 80 boats will compete in this race between two continents, Asia and Europe. The main event of this sailing race will take place Saturday, May 28 in the Bosphorus strait: where History meets Competition. On this date a live stream is set up, with a viewership forecasted at around one million followers.


This will be a new opportunity for Hydros Foundation to spread the message of energy efficiency around the world and to promote innovation in the nautical and maritime industry.

This event is the occasion for Hydros to bring its experts and organize a conference to the Istanbul Technical University. Some students will have the chance to sail on our catamaran!


You will have the opportunity to follow the Hydros team in Turkey via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. A live stream of the main event is set up on May 28 and will start at 12:00 (UTC+3).


Stay tuned for more information.


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