HydroContest 2016: ready, steady, go!


Everything is ready for the 3rd edition of the HydroContest, a competition unique in the world in which 250 students from 12 different countries from Europe, Pacific Asia and South America, including 5 new nations. The aim is to imagine, design, create and pilot an innovative boat which is both fast and energy efficient. 

The students are in the paddocks putting the finishing touches to their boats, the public is already flocking to the lakeside site of the Pyramides de Vidy, the race committee is checking the race course for the last time. Everything is ready to start the 2016 edition of the HydroContest!

A total of 24 schools, compared with 13 and 16 in 2014 and 2015 respectively, this edition demonstrates how students feel concerned by energy efficiency when it comes to the carriage of goods and passengers by sea. The Swiss teams are ready to rise to the challenge and follow in the EPFL’s footsteps. The five nations new to the competition are Croatia, Spain, Greece, Norway and Indonesia.


Off to a perfect start

This edition gets off to a fine start on Monday with all teams entered to race the course. The first stage of the HydroContest consists of a formula 1-type qualification, where each team gets ready for a “rolling start”. The 16 fastest teams go on to compete in the final stages of the competition on Thursday.

The atmosphere livened up on Sunday as the teams were presented, with new universities introducing themselves to teams that have already taken part. The briefing session was presented by Jérémie Lagarrigue and Thibault Tallieu, respectively CEO and Events Manager of the Hydros Foundation, together with Denis Horeau, Race Manager for the second year running.

On Sunday, spectators were lucky enough to see a training session. The teams are fine-tuning their boats, ready to fly them during the qualifying runs.
Activities and attractions are already in place. The bar has been up and running since Sunday, various stands are open, the exhibition has been set up and the virtual reality masks are ready to plunge spectators into the Hydros universe. 

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