HYDROS INNOVATION talks "energy efficiency" at the Groupement des Entreprises Multinationales (GEM) press conference


"Our pretty small company… is a multinational" was the theme of the talk by Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of HYDROS INNOVATION SA, at the press conference of the Groupement des Entreprises Multinationales (GEM) on Tuesday 25 August in Lausanne. 

The aim of this annual press conference was to review the various topical issues, exchange ideas and tackle some important issues for the 88 members of GEM in French-speaking Switzerland. The press conference also provided an opportunity to unveil the second edition of the GEM Open Days, which will take place this autumn in the Canton of Vaud.  


Frédérique Reeb-Landry, Chairman, and Cédric Hyde, Vice-Chairman of GEM, took stock of GEM's activities over the past year (policy positions on mass immigration, reform of corporate tax reform III, and the removal of the floor rate) before going on to discuss current issues for GEM (measures promoting diversity and indigenous employment, flexible working hours, continuous professional education, etc.). 


The work of HYDROS, an aerodynamic and hydrodynamic engineering firm that specialises in energy efficiency, based at EPFL's Innovation Park in Lausanne, is regarded as a good example of a "start-up", developing in tandem with the major international companies. For eight years, HYDROS, which has been actively supported since its creation by Thierry Lombard and the Lombard Odier Group, has been developing its R&D activities in Switzerland's favourable and unique eco-system, although the current environment is more fragile and restrictive, especially concerning the hiring of highly specialised engineers and the strong Swiss franc, which has hit the order book this year.


"In two words, our company is working on technology transfer. All our know-how, experience and records in yachting, competitive sailing and the development of innovative projects are directed towards one goal: energy efficiency. We apply it, in particular, to maritime transport, the fifth-largest cause of pollution, which represents 90% of the world's goods transport. Today, we can talk, in concrete terms, about significantly reducing the ecological debt: thanks to innovation, technology and, most importantly, the awareness of all players, CO2 emissions from all types of transport and passenger vessels can be cut by at least 30%."




It was for this purpose that the Hydros Foundation - recognised as a public-interest organisation - was created at the beginning of the year. It is committed to educating and raising the awareness of the general public, opinion leaders, professionals, public authorities and, most importantly, future generations, about the importance of technology for making the most intelligent use of the energy at our disposal. Following on from the second edition of the HYDROCONTEST - the international, environmentally-responsible student competition for the design of the fastest vessels that consume as little energy as possible – which was held in Lausanne this July, the Hydros Foundation is organising the LITTLECUP, more commonly known as the Little America's Cup, on 10 to 20 September at the Société Nautique de Genève. Here you will be able to admire extremely light catamarans, -but, best of all, they are three times faster than the wind! An excellent demonstration of how technology can bring about a more efficient world. 



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