HYDROcontest : L’union fait la force

Camille, Ons, Simon, and Rémi decided to have their two universities, ENSAPLV and ENSTA Bretagne, France, join forces to participate in HYDROcontest, the first environmentally responsible competition organised by Hydros, from 23 to 27 July 2014 in Lausanne.

Last October, Camille and Ons enrolled for a year of specialisation in naval architecture at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris La Villette. As one of the requirements for the year's curriculum, the two students must conduct a project over the course of the year. They have the choice between a theoretical project or participation in a competition. The many reasons that pushed them to plunge into the HYDROcontest adventure include the desire to encounter other engineers from around the world, to exchange and share their experiences, successes and even their struggles, and to tackle energy issues.

Over the months, they realised that technical competence was needed to complement the architectural knowledge they acquired from their university courses. That is why they decided to form a team with Simon and Rémi, both students at ENSTA Bretagne, a school of engineering based in Brest.

Camille explains: "Ons and I have been working on the project full-time since the end of our university programme in February. Simon and Rémi, both working as interns since the end of March, meet up with us each weekend on the Isle of Oléron, where our technical base is set up. The contest has two categories – mass transport and passenger transport. We chose to build two small boats."

All four of them can hardly wait to come and compare their two prototypes to those of the 13 other universities from across the globe. Given the loosening of restrictions on maritime trade, they find it essential to get to know the visions of engineers coming from other continents. In addition, HYDROcontest affords these students, who are finishing up their university degree programmes, the opportunity to gain a foothold in the real world and to connect with professionals.

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