HYDROcontest : Lausanne en ligne de mire

With 14 teams, 7 nations, 150 students, teachers and professionals, HYDROcontest promises to be an unforgettable event of the summer of 2014.

The contest will take place in Dorigny (Lausanne) from 23 to 27 July. The public will be able to watch the competition and discover the many surprises Hydros has in store.

The first students to have signed up for HYDROcontest have been hard at work on their boats for eight months now, and the first results are more than promising. The projects are still top secret, but what we can reveal is that the teams have surpassed themselves in coming up with a variety of ideas based on solid science that promise to provide real and relevant solutions. Suffice to say that the competition is likely to be extremely tight and extremely interesting.

Monohull or multihull, above, on, or even almost below the water – imaginations have been hard at work, both with regard to concept and the materials used and approaches applied.

"Our commitment to this project goes beyond a mere academic project. As architects and engineers, our approach has been to combine design with all of our expertise and what we have been able to learn from our research," explains Camille Mazet of the ENSAPLV team from Paris.

As a reminder, the rules are simple: design and build motorized boats that consume as little energy as possible without compromising performance.

For its entry, the Hydro's Ride team from Marseille visited a shipyard to learn all it could about construction techniques and the use of composite materials. The students also met with a member of Pôle France Marseille, a specialist in International Moth sailing (hydrofoils), so as to gain a better understanding of how foils work and how to optimize them.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Colombia and Brazil, as well as in Tasmania, the boats are nearing completion, and the teams are preparing to send their prototypes to Europe. The first long voyage – on a cargo ship – for these small vessels, which were designed with the aim of providing new solutions precisely for changing how these big cargo ships function.

The values Hydros is expressing through HYDROcontest are clear: developing, supporting, and promoting energy efficiency. A very simple brief no doubt, but one that is extremely meaningful for these students who will soon be the engineers and architects of tomorrow.

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