Hydrocontest, D-30: the boats of the future are coming to Saint-Tropez

The boats of the future are back for this third edition of the HydroContest, student competition aiming on conceive, build and pilot a boat that has to be fast and efficient. Teams from all around the world will be welcomed in Saint-Tropez (France).

28 universities will compete from July 4th to 10th, a record for the HydroContest. 15 countries will be represented at the event: Switzerland, France, Spain, England, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Norway, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Peru. A total of 300 students are ready to invade the shores of Saint-Tropez with their prototypes and innovative ideas.

  DX 9724

Centrale Nantes team and their 2016 winning light boat

The students are already eager to show the small-scale boat prototypes they designed and constructed themselves in an attempt to imagine tomorrow's boats, which will need to transport greater volumes, for longer periods, while consuming as little energy as possible. The prototypes will be pitted against each other to determine which is the most efficient under real conditions.


The world facing major climate changes, the Hydros Foundation has decided 4 years ago to react in its own way, by creating the first eco-responsible student contest dedicated to maritime energy efficiency.


To do so, the organising committee decided to equip each team with the same electric motor and a scholarship to support innovation. The amount of energy available is imposed to travel a certain distance and the classification is based on the travel time.


Each team has benefited from ten months of preparation to develop two prototypes in accordance with the specifications laid down by the organising committee of the Hydrocontest. After hours of hard work and doubts of all kinds, the moment of truth is about to strike: in exactly 30 days, the 250 participants in competitions like no other will embark on a great battle between innovation and performance.

They will compete on a race course at the very heart of the port of St Tropez in the two main categories of the Hydrocontest: the category "mass transport", which simulates the movement of a cargo with 200kg of ballast loaded and category "Personal boats" which prefigures the transport of people on a pleasure boat with only 20kg of ballast on board.

  DX 9545

EPFL Light Boat, winner of the innovation prize in the 2016 edition

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